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We’re Bumpuses. We’re crazy.

Megan was outside roller skating and fell and scraped her elbow. Not a big deal. I put a bandaid on it and she went back out to skate some more. A short time later she decided she was done, took off her skates and put them away and then took her socks off and dropped […]

Crafty crafty

The blog has been largely ignored this summer because life has been busy. In between fun with the family and my early-morning bike rides, though, I got a little crafty. In the past few weeks Megan and Allison have both gotten new sweaters. I’m thrilled with how Megan’s turned out and Allison’s looks enough like […]

Busy life…

In the past week we have sold our house, purchased a new one and totaled a truck. Busy week!

And now it’s time to start packing because we only have a month!

Happy Canada Day

to all my Canadian family and friends out there.


Why wouldn’t you like camping…

…if you could be greeted by this in the sink in the bathroom first thing in the morning?