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We went to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. It’s something we’ve talked about for years and we were finally able to make it happen this year. What a blast we had! We drove all the way there (15.5 hours – the kids did great!) on Monday and came home again on Friday (14.5 hours […]

Busy busy busy!

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. I miss it and yet it still won’t be happening for a while yet. What have I been doing? Well…

Knitting a hat

Knitting a scarf

Knitting a baby sweater

Cleaning madly to prepare for realtors to come this week

Driving 1,000 miles, twice

Spending wonderful time with […]

Favorite conversation of the weekend…

We went camping for the final time this weekend (final time this summer, not ever – this is way too much fun!) at Pictured Rocks, our church camp. The kids knew that some of their friends would be there but when we got there, the tent/camper area was empty.

As we’re walking up to the […]

Our summer in numbers

Nights spent in our camper: 19

Nights spent at my sister‘s house: 2

Nights spent in a hotel (for the wedding of the year): 2

Nights spent at my mom’s: 5

Total nights gone: 28

That’s practically an entire month! No wonder my kids hesitate when they ask what we did this summer. There’s so […]

Camping: Lake Red Rock

While we don’t have a ton of experience with camping yet (18 nights under our belts this summer and we’re not done yet!), we’ve been really impressed with the Army Corps of Engineers campsites in Iowa so this weekend we decided to take in some more and headed to Lake Red Rock in central Iowa. […]