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Making progress

It’s very slow going, but we’re making progress with the new house. Boxes are all unpacked (except for the basement, but that doesn’t count) and furniture is being moved around less often, which must mean that it’s finding the right spot. Next up are pictures (we have a ton!) and window treatments for a few […]


OK Gotta put down my list of things I need to get done. I had one but my computer randomly rebooted overnight and I lost it. Grrrr… Gotta put it somewhere where it won’t get lost.

finish board work and get it e-mailed outpoly Megan’s butterfly houseswash fabric Mom gave meclean off tableclean kitchenwash M’s […]


OK this week I am bringing back the todo list of years past…

goodwill – get rid of the clothes that no longer fit my kiddos! add a signature to my blog – I’ve got some ideas and I just need to sit down and figure them out! change the look of my blog – […]


We’re heading up to MN on Wednesday (I’ll try to blog about the reasons for that later today) and I need to get a lot lot lot done before we leave…

call in M’s medsgo to the pharmacy for N’s medsgo to the pharmacy for M’s medsgrocery storemake hummusprint picsship package and bring in packing […]

Shelley’s todo for the week…

Adam’s granddad is turning 90 on Friday and there’s a big party to celebrate. I need to get my house ready for visitors and get us ready to spend some time with them along with about 8000 other things before then… I’m going to need a list or I’ll never get it all done!

laundry […]