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Crystal update

We’re supposed to be done with our crystals today but Megan’s having so much fun with them that I don’t want to finish! That being said, I’m very eager to see how they turned out!


Here’s what we’ve got so far.

We did lose one… Megan went in to check on them last […]

Megan grows some crystals

For Christmas Megan got a crystal growing kit from her aunt and uncle. She was SO excited but we’ve been too busy to grow the crystals. Today while Adam was helping Nick make his tow truck bird feeder, Megan and I made crystals.

After mixing everything up, we set the crystals in Megan’s […]

Nick’s preschool project

I LOVE Nick’s preschool. He comes home just giddy and excited to tell us about the morning’s activities. When his teacher came for our home visit before school started, she asked what Nick’s fears were and I told her spiders. She got very animated and started telling Nick about all the fun things that spiders […]

Monarch Tagging

Our whole reason for camping where we did this past weekend is so that we could do some monarch tagging at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. This is the place we went a month ago on our way home from our other Army Corps of Engineers camping trip at Saylorville Lake near Des Moines. When […]

Weekend in Des Moines

Who knew that hanging out in the non-air conditioned 100 degree world could be so fun? Adam took Friday off this past weekend and we headed to Des Moines (Saylorville Lake) to camp for the weekend. We had a blast! Fun activities, wonderful company, fantastic campground (that we can’t wait to go to again when […]