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My class

So since I’m going to have two kids in school all day long next year, I’ve decided to get my sub licence renewed so I can start subbing in the fall. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to get started. In order for all of this to work, I needed to take a […]

This makes me laugh

My favorite is the shirt sleeve on the left but I really love it all

Conversation with Nick

Nick: Mom, when we go tonight Megan gets to meet my teachers and see my classroom. And we get to vote too.

Mom: Oh? What are you voting on?

Nick: To name our fish. We count the tally marks and whoever gets the most tally marks that will be the name of our fish

Mom: […]

Nick’s preschool project

I LOVE Nick’s preschool. He comes home just giddy and excited to tell us about the morning’s activities. When his teacher came for our home visit before school started, she asked what Nick’s fears were and I told her spiders. She got very animated and started telling Nick about all the fun things that spiders […]

One of the reasons I love being a mom…

Having a crocodile on your wall just isn’t that strange.