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Getting ready for summer

Summer’s a week away at our house and I’ve been working to get ready for it. The kids have always needed structure and summertime is no different, even if we have a slightly more relaxed way of providing it. We’ve been busy making lists to get ready for all of our free time – one […]

Megan the money maker

Megan’s slowly been falling in love with the idea of horses. She’s never actually seen one up close and personal (I’m actually going to take her to a horse show today to find out if she stops breathing around them like her dad does or if she’s okay). For several months now she’s said she […]


I know that for you people out there who have done farming or who are farmers it likely isn’t a big deal, but this mom is thrilled that her city kids got to ride in a combine tonight as it harvested the corn down the street from our house. Adam was out taking all of […]

Birthday Party

As I joked with Megan this morning, Cupcake must be about 72 years old now because she has so many birthdays, but today must have been a biggie because the party was much larger than our usually parties!

Megan, Nick and I dressed up in our best jammies (or at least the ones that were […]


Weekends are for adventures. At least at our house they are!

This past Sunday after picking Megan up from her first ever sleepover we headed to the apple orchard — a first for our kids!

Nick, Shelley & Megan

We picked apples,

Megan picks an apple

We ate apples

Nick picks an […]