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Family Pictures

We needed a family picture for Nick for his first day of school. Instead of just pulling up an old one, I decided that we should just take a new one. Here’s the three best (I think).

Which one do you like best?


And just because they’re cute, for your enjoyment:


Weekend in Des Moines

Who knew that hanging out in the non-air conditioned 100 degree world could be so fun? Adam took Friday off this past weekend and we headed to Des Moines (Saylorville Lake) to camp for the weekend. We had a blast! Fun activities, wonderful company, fantastic campground (that we can’t wait to go to again when […]

Camping book, more additions

I’ve got 2 weeks before this needs to be done. I’m struggling with some. If you have any other suggestions for any letter I don’t have a picture for yet, please let me know!


A – Astronomy (Meg got a telescope for her b-day), Awning

B – bicycle 1, bicycle 2, bicycle 3, bicycle […]

Camping book, revisited

Here’s what we’ve got so far… I’ve linked the things we have pictures for with the actual picture. If you have any suggestions/input/ideas, please let me know.

A – Astronomy (Meg got a telescope for her b-day), Awning

B – beach, bicycle 1, bicycle 2, bicycle 3, bicycle 4, bocce ball

C – […]

Need some creative minds!

OK so I did one of these ABC books before with Megan and since I have a free photo book coming to me anyway, I wanted to make one for Nick – this one with a camping/summertime theme. Can you help me out with ideas for the letters??? Here’s what I’ve got so far…