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Our kids rock

I love our kids for many reasons of course, but there are two that I’m really loving this afternoon.


1 – The kids have to have 30 (or longer if needed) minutes of quiet time most afternoons. They don’t have to be in their bedrooms but they have to pick a quiet activity away […]

Lactose Free Pumpkin Pie

This pie… this wonderful pie… You’d never know it didn’t have milk or cream in it. Even if Nick and Adam woke up one day and were able to drink milk, I’d still make this. It’s amazing! If you ever want to make a pumpkin pie – lactose intolerant or not, MAKE THIS!

Lactose Free […]


Weekends are for adventures. At least at our house they are!

This past Sunday after picking Megan up from her first ever sleepover we headed to the apple orchard — a first for our kids!

Nick, Shelley & Megan

We picked apples,

Megan picks an apple

We ate apples

Nick picks an […]

A dairy free treat for a hot day

I’m always looking for substitutions for things that Nick couldn’t have and I found a winner this weekend! Dairy Free Ice Cream!

As you can see from the recipe, all you have to do is freeze bananas and then throw them in your food processor. I took some of the suggestions and threw in some […]

Dinner last night

Adam smoked yesterday. And not the gross kind of smoking either. He broke out his Weber Smoker and smoked 5 racks of ribs, a couple kielbasas and some hot dogs and it was awesome.

5 racks of ribs

2 kielbasas

First time he's really devoured them

And devoured them

And […]