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Meganism – comforters

“Mom, can you help me with my comforter? Right now the one half of it has no …. comf and the other end has all the comf”


It’s been SO long since I’ve blogged any of the funny stuff the kids have said because I’m finding it faster to put on Facebook and go about my day. The problem with that is that I won’t have them when it comes time to finally catch up on scrapbooks (something I’m really hoping to […]

A few Nick-isms

Mom: Is your bedroom clean, Nick? Nick: Well it is except for the huge pile of Legos. Mom: A huge pile of Legos? Nick: Oh, and a dump truck too. (June 12)



Nick: I’m thirsty

Shelley: I’m Shelley

Nick: Shelley, will you please get me a drink? (June 7)



“Mom, this […]


We’re watching the NASCAR race on tv last night and a Viagra commercial comes on. My 4-year-old Nicholas declares, “This is my favorite commercial!”

I’m still laughing, 24 hours later.


“Once I had a bagel that didn’t have any hole in it! That time I got a WHOLE bagel!”


I never considered that we should feel cheated when we have a hole in our bagel or donut, etc. What about you?