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Megan’s new bedroom

We finally decided to upgrade Megan’s bed from the one we bought her when she was a not quite 2 and we were afraid that she’d fall out of bed…

Megan’s old bed

…to one where we dare her to. 🙂

New bed (there’s still a few things to be put away yet)


A clean house!

We’re nearly finished with our second full week of summer and it’s going well! One thing that’s keeping our sanity this summer is the Bumpus Family Chore Box. What is it, you might ask? Well, it’s keeping my house clean, that’s for sure!


I have a 25 or so gallon Rubbermaid tote in our […]

Deck boxes

Adam’s sister gave him a subscription to The Family Handyman for Christmas a couple years ago and we love the magazine and the ideas we’ve gotten from it. Just in the past 3 weeks we’ve built benches, a grill table, and today I hung my deck boxes that I built from a section of gutter. […]

More house changes

We have been so so busy lately! Gardening, tree trimming, playing, destructing, constructing, screaming, running… The screaming and running will have to come later. Today I’ve got pictures of destructing and constructing.

Ever since we moved into our house we’ve thought that the deck was wrong.

We have this big huge yard and have […]

Exterior pictures

I wanted to post some “before” exterior pictures even though I’ve already started some of the work I wanted to do. I’m open to suggestions of what might go where. I’d like to add roses somewhere, lots of daylilies need to be split, and since I’m not a shrub/hedge person, those all need to go […]