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The past 24 hours

So yesterday morning Nick was racing on the blacktop at school and tripped and fell. Long story short, he ended up with Adam and I in the ER after vomiting twice on the way over.

Poor boy looked and felt awful.

Head injuries => CT scan (we took a picture of it while […]

A little reflux post

After six weeks of off and on complaining of belly pain and a couple of episodes of screaming in pain because his throat hurt, I brought him in this morning. After a negative strep test and a chat with our wonderful pediatrician we increased his meds and in a couple days he will be able […]

Megan’s independence day!

While we celebrated the 4th of July with the rest of the country, Megan’s independence day was 3 days later when she went in to get her cast off. In the next 7 days we were at the pool 9 times. It’s been great having the freedom to enjoy summer again! In just a short […]

It’s catching!!

So we started with this…

Megan & cast

and this morning it because viral:

Lily with broken left arm

Coco with broken right arm

I just hope it stops with them!!!



I try not to complain constantly on my blog. Nobody wants to hear that. However, today just had to be documented…

As has already been recorded, we’ve dealt in the past week with a girl with a broken arm and a dog with a sore neck.

Today we got up, used up the Zyrtec for […]