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Getting ready for summer

Summer’s a week away at our house and I’ve been working to get ready for it. The kids have always needed structure and summertime is no different, even if we have a slightly more relaxed way of providing it. We’ve been busy making lists to get ready for all of our free time – one […]


I still remember when we got Rusty. We had called an ad in the paper for dachshund puppies and went over “just to look”. Yeah, right. A short time later we were taking our new red dachshund to Petco to buy pet supplies. When I called my parents to tell them, Dad got on the […]


Ever since I made Megan research gerbils & hamsters this summer before going to buy a couple of the little creatures, I’ve been enjoying every second. I have absolutely loved having them in our family room so I can watch their (sometimes very entertaining) antics. I think everyone needs a couple gerbils! They don’t stink, […]


I know that for you people out there who have done farming or who are farmers it likely isn’t a big deal, but this mom is thrilled that her city kids got to ride in a combine tonight as it harvested the corn down the street from our house. Adam was out taking all of […]

A clean house!

We’re nearly finished with our second full week of summer and it’s going well! One thing that’s keeping our sanity this summer is the Bumpus Family Chore Box. What is it, you might ask? Well, it’s keeping my house clean, that’s for sure!


I have a 25 or so gallon Rubbermaid tote in our […]