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busy busy busy

After lots of blog posts last week and weekend, I’ve suddenly gone mute. Not because I have nothing to say (that would never happen!) but because life has been ridiculously busy! There’s been mad cleaning (including 3 hours on the stove alone) to get ready for a house appraisal (no, we’re not moving), tons of […]


Just want to make sure I can post from my phone now.

Check out my new look!

Hey check out my new blog! It looks great, doesn’t it? I’ve moved over from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress and have been so far very excited about the changes I’ve made and the ease of use. There’s still a few things I need to figure out (my blog roll is the biggest one and I’m […]

Yay, fun!

It’s going to be quiet here for a couple days. I’m working on moving my blog from blogger to wordpress and am making it all pretty before I invite you all over. Stay tuned – the work is going faster than I thought it would and would love to be over there soon!

to do

need to configure stat counter

configure networked blogs

also need to find a way to have the same type of blog list as I have on blogger. It’s how I know when there are new posts by all of my blogs. Don’t like that something like that isn’t obviously out there in WP. Still searching, […]