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Getting ready for summer

Summer’s a week away at our house and I’ve been working to get ready for it. The kids have always needed structure and summertime is no different, even if we have a slightly more relaxed way of providing it.  We’ve been busy making lists to get ready for all of our free time – one of things that will need to be done every week (showering, cleaning bedrooms, doing their jobs, practicing the violin, doing schoolwork, going to the library, going bowling, going swimming, practicing running for the kids triathlon mid-summer) and then we made a fun list… a list of things that we’d like to do over the summer.  I think we’ve ended up with some really great ideas and I can’t wait for school to be over so that we can start them.

I found a ton of ideas on Pinterest to fill up the list but the kids had some of their own ideas as well.  It’s a good mix!  In addition to some road trips to visit family, we’ve got:

  •   Fly a Kite
  •  Go to the beach
  •  Play in the sprinkler
  •  Have friends over
  •  Splash Pad
  •  Pool
  •  Bike Ride (our goals are to bike 100 miles and to try to cover all of the trails near us)
  •  Rockets
  •  Geocaching
  •  Frisbee Golf
  •  Make Bubbles (what’s your favorite recipe? Help me out!)
  •  Golf
  •  Sleep in the tent in the back yard
  •  Wash the cars
  •  Use the Telescope
  •  Make icees
  •  Go to a movie
  •  Water fight
  •  Take an alphabet nature walk
  •  Eat breakfast, lunch & dinner outside all in one day
  •  Go to the Farmer’s Market
  •  Go to a baseball game
  •  Have a PJ Day
  •  Collect stuff to donate to Goodwill
  •  Paint Chip Scavenger Hunt
  •  Have a camping dinner and finish with s’mores
  •  Have a paper airplane derby
  •  Zoo
  •  Waterski Show
  •  Municipal Band Concert
  •  Garage Sales
  •  Old Macdonald’s Farm

It should be a super fun summer!  I’m looking forward to every bit of it and hope to be able to share our fun here too.

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