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I still remember when we got Rusty. We had called an ad in the paper for dachshund puppies and went over “just to look”. Yeah, right. A short time later we were taking our new red dachshund to Petco to buy pet supplies. When I called my parents to tell them, Dad got on the phone and asked if we had come up with a solution to the mole problem we were having at our rental house (I had called him and asked him for advice on that the week before). I laughed and told him that we had – we had gotten a dog! I don’t think it’s the solution he expected, but you know what? We haven’t had mole problems at any of our houses since!


Rusty was a great dog. He was loved his family, he was endlessly patient (especially with a much younger Nick who really didn’t like him at first and wasn’t very kind to him), and he always let us know when there was someone at our house (or the neighbor’s house, or in any part of the neighborhood) that didn’t belong.


A couple weeks ago we noticed that Rusty-dog was slowing down. We assumed he was just getting old. That was sad, but he was 12 yaers old and not a huge shock. A couple days later, we decided that it was a bad tooth that was slowing him down so I took him to the vet so we could schedule the surgery to have the tooth out. It was a relief that he wasn’t really dying, just in pain. Yeah, we were wrong. He did have a bad tooth but we also learned that week that he had a large mass surrounding one of his kidneys. We made the decision to slow the growth of the tumor with meds and spoil our dog rotten for as long as we had him. We got two more weeks.


Rest in peace, Rusty-dog. We’re going to miss you a ton.

Our vet did the paw print for us.

Our vet did the paw print for us.

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  • Deb McNeill Praus

    So sorry to hear about Rusty. It is so hard to lose a member of the family. Thoughts are with you.
    Just wanted you to know that I do read your blog, don’t comment much, but think of you often.

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