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Megan the money maker

Megan’s slowly been falling in love with the idea of horses.  She’s never actually seen one up close and personal (I’m actually going to take her to a horse show today to find out if she stops breathing around them like her dad does or if she’s okay).  For several months now she’s said she wants a horse for her American Girl Allison.  I’ve told her every time a flat-out no.  We don’t have the room for a horse.


After Christmas, Megan went to the store to exchange a gift she had a duplicate of and had some money and again eyed the horses.  I noticed that they sold “foals” and the full-size horses and told her that if she really wanted a horse that badly, that she could get one of the small ones.  She jumped at the opportunity and spent her money on that.  She was mostly happy.

Meet Marigold

Marigold is a good size horse.  She fit nicely in Allison’s “bedroom” (half of Megan’s 2nd closet).

Allison and Marigold

Then this past weekend I decided that I was tired of finding toys in the washing machine because they fell into a laundry basket that was stuffed into an over-full closet and Megan and I took everything out of both of her closets and got going on cleaning.  When we finished, she had a pile of stuff to take to Goodwill, a pile of stuff to toss, a pile of stuff that was still nice and that could maybe sell, and two closets that were nearly empty.  A little bit of rearranging and I realized that Allison was going to have a closet all to herself and that the larger horse (which she was still pining after) WOULD fit.  Imagine her absolute delight when I told her that it would happen!  I told her that she’d get the money from selling her toys and that if she’d like to spend it on the horse she could.


She made enough money to do that and Rose joined Allison’s closet.

Rose and Marigold’s area in Megan’s closet

Allison and Rose… this horse is huge!!

Allison, Rose, and Marigold

There are a million things that Megan loves about her horses but her favorite right now is being able to practice her braiding.  What fun!

Horse tail

Another day I’ll have to share Allison’s room with you all.  It’s pretty impressive!


I’m already thinking up ideas of what to make to go with these horses.  I could knit or sew blankets!  I do know that for her b-day we’re planning on making this stable.  Thanks to Ana White for posting it!  🙂

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