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Ever since I made Megan research gerbils & hamsters this summer before going to buy a couple of the little creatures, I’ve been enjoying every second.  I have absolutely loved having them in our family room so I can watch their (sometimes very entertaining) antics.  I think everyone needs a couple gerbils!  They don’t stink, changing their cage is fairly easy, the kids LOVE to watch them, they don’t eat much, and you can leave them for a week if you need to with no guilt.  Yay for all of that!

Nick’s gerbil… Gerb is far more active, curious, and is a more vigorous chewer. He spends much of his time in the corners of his cage scratching at the corner and jumping and hitting his nose on the lid (which is locked down, thankfully)

Megan’s gerbil… Daisy is much quieter of the two gerbils. I’ve joked that one day we’ll wake up and she will be gone and we’ll never find out where she went or how it happened. She always looks to be planning. She also spends a lot of time digging at the sides of the cage. She won’t go near me unless I have a peanut which she will take from my hand to eat. They both love peanuts (the ones from their bag of food – I don’t make a habit of feeding them people food)

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