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Megan the money maker

Megan’s slowly been falling in love with the idea of horses. She’s never actually seen one up close and personal (I’m actually going to take her to a horse show today to find out if she stops breathing around them like her dad does or if she’s okay). For several months now she’s said she […]


Ever since I made Megan research gerbils & hamsters this summer before going to buy a couple of the little creatures, I’ve been enjoying every second. I have absolutely loved having them in our family room so I can watch their (sometimes very entertaining) antics. I think everyone needs a couple gerbils! They don’t stink, […]


Since I like to sew and I like items that are resuable, I eagerly bought some reusable cloth bags for the kids’ lunches when I went to a craft fair this fall. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to make some more, but just haven’t sat down to do it. After a friend donated some PUL […]