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The past 24 hours

So yesterday morning Nick was racing on the blacktop at school and tripped and fell.  Long story short, he ended up with Adam and I in the ER after vomiting twice on the way over.

Poor boy looked and felt awful.

Head injuries => CT scan (we took a picture of it while Nick was waiting his turn to go in so he could see what it looked like)


So after the CT scan, we went back to the ER for a bit more waiting – expecting to hear that he had a mild concussion and we’d have to wake him up every couple hours.  Imagine our shock when they came back to tell us he was one of the rare ones – that he had fractured both his cranium and his eye socket.

Once they determined that was the case, the neurologist and ENT got involved.  Neurology had him do several tests that he passed with flying colors and then opthamology wanted him to do the eye chart.  I was thrilled to see him walk to the eye chart, puzzle over it for a while, and then not say the letters up on it but tell the docs the letter sounds instead.  He was trying to read it all!  I was proud and they were confused.  We moved over to the other chart where he said what direction the “table legs” were pointing and they decided his vision was fine and we went back to wait to be admitted.

At this point, he had anti-nausea drugs, pain relief, and had missed lunch.  He kept asking me to call his teacher to tell her to bring his lunch.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him his lunch was in the car but that he couldn’t have it yet so I just kept telling him he had to wait a bit longer.  He learned quickly that the hospital is all about waiting.

When they finally came down to move him to an actual room, they brought in a wheelchair and he was quick to tell them that he had ridden in the bed once and it was fun and he wanted to do *that* again.  None of this wheelchair nonsense for Sir Nicholas!  Everyone at the hospital was SO SO SO good to Nick and they didn’t bat an eye – they moved the wheelchair out of the way and pushed him through the halls on his hospital bed.

The owie that caused all the trouble.

Once he was all settled in his new room and had the tv on, we had all sorts of visitors.  Our pastor came to visit, Adam brought Megan back from school so she could see him and we had some other church friends come to visit.  The visits really raised Nick’s spirits and he was feeling fairly perky by the time evening came around, despite the broken head.

I feared the night spent in the hospital.  I thought we’d be waken every hour and that he wouldn’t get any rest at all.  It was silly for me to have worried.  He didn’t fall asleep until 9 (too much excitement and the chance to watch unlimited tv really got him excited!!) and so when the nurse came in at 9:30, she didn’t want to wake him up so close to falling asleep so she said she’d come back later.  When she came back to wake him at 11 to make sure he was okay, he was very difficult to wake up – something I’ve noticed for years!  They decided after that time that as long as his pupils were reacting to the flashlight they shined in them every hour that they wouldn’t try to wake him up anymore.  The pupils did as they were supposed to and he slept through every flashlight check after that.  I slept through nearly all of them as well so as far as a hospital stay goes, it’s one of the most (if not the most) restful I’ve ever had.

This morning Nick is bruised and swollen (and we’ve been told it will likely get quite a bit better before it gets worse) but is in good spirits and was thrilled to be told by his neurologist that he could go home and celebrate Daddy’s birthday.

There’s a bit of bruising there

Can you see the swelling in this shot?

The only emergency on the drive home was that he had consumed too much Gatorade and there was some quick moving to get to the bathroom in time once we got home, but now he’s settled back at home and we’re all thrilled and grateful that it wasn’t so much worse.

Now to just keep him still for the next month.  Yikes!

2 comments to The past 24 hours

  • Deb McNeill Praus

    Hi Shelly,

    Don’t always comment but do keep up with your life through your blog. Wondering how Nick is doing? Have had you all in thoughts and prayers!


  • Thanks for asking! He’s recovered quite well! He was in at the eye doctor yesterday and got a clean bill of health from them and the bruising is nearly done and the last of the scabs fell off yesterday also. He’s having more and more trouble staying quiet, which shows he’s feeling better. It’s progress! 🙂

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