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I know that for you people out there who have done farming or who are farmers it likely isn’t a big deal, but this mom is thrilled that her city kids got to ride in a combine tonight as it harvested the corn down the street from our house.  Adam was  out taking all of the meat off the smoker tonight and heard the combine working so he ran in through the back door and told us all to go out front right away.  We all ran out and got to see the combine.  The kids, wild with excitement at just SEEING it working, waved with delight.  When the farmer got to the end of the row, he turned around, opened the door, and asked if the kids and either Adam or I wanted to go for a ride.  Ha!  Silly question!  The kids were practically halfway up the ladder before he finished the question.  What an experience!

Farmer Jim driving the combine while Adam, Megan, and Nick ride along

I thought it was cool to watch the combine shoot the unimportant stuff out the back end.

It was even the right color. 🙂

Emptying the corn into the wagon

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