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We’re Bumpuses. We’re crazy.

Megan was outside roller skating and fell and scraped her elbow.  Not a big deal.  I put a bandaid on it and she went back out to skate some more.  A short time later she decided she was done, took off her skates and put them away and then took her socks off and dropped them in the front entryway.

I came through the entryway with the vacuum and saw the socks and called to Megan through the screen that she should probably pick up her socks before I suck them up with the vacuum.

Megan: Can I just put them back in my drawer since I only wore them to roller skate?

Mom: Sure, unless you bled on them too.

Megan: I scraped my elbow.  Why would I have bled on my s…  Oh wait, We’re Bumpuses.  We’re crazy.  We always get hurt and bleed all over everything.


Our new motto:  We’re Bumpuses.  We’re crazy.

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