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Garden rocks. They aren’t around to look pretty but more to serve a purpose. For me, they’re there to hold down the landscape fabric and prevent weeds. But why not make them pretty? Especially when it’s so easy! All you need is rocks, an oven, and some crayons and you can go crazy with it!


A clean house!

We’re nearly finished with our second full week of summer and it’s going well! One thing that’s keeping our sanity this summer is the Bumpus Family Chore Box. What is it, you might ask? Well, it’s keeping my house clean, that’s for sure!


I have a 25 or so gallon Rubbermaid tote in our […]

A few Nick-isms

Mom: Is your bedroom clean, Nick? Nick: Well it is except for the huge pile of Legos. Mom: A huge pile of Legos? Nick: Oh, and a dump truck too. (June 12)



Nick: I’m thirsty

Shelley: I’m Shelley

Nick: Shelley, will you please get me a drink? (June 7)



“Mom, this […]

Our kids rock

I love our kids for many reasons of course, but there are two that I’m really loving this afternoon.


1 – The kids have to have 30 (or longer if needed) minutes of quiet time most afternoons. They don’t have to be in their bedrooms but they have to pick a quiet activity away […]