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White peonies are nice and all…

But the red ones? They are stunning!!!

Bird bath

More terra cotta pot design… The birds kept drinking the nectar that was for the butterflies so I built them their own stinkin’ bird bath.

Do you think I need to put up a sign so they know which one is for which?

Deck boxes

Adam’s sister gave him a subscription to The Family Handyman for Christmas a couple years ago and we love the magazine and the ideas we’ve gotten from it. Just in the past 3 weeks we’ve built benches, a grill table, and today I hung my deck boxes that I built from a section of gutter. […]

Garden updates

So I got all of those hedges cut away in the back yard. I had only 50% left of the last bush (creeping juniper, aka snake bush) and guess what? I saw a SNAKE! (a large-ish rat snake, to be exact) There was screaming, there was running, there was never vowing to go outside again.


More house changes

We have been so so busy lately! Gardening, tree trimming, playing, destructing, constructing, screaming, running… The screaming and running will have to come later. Today I’ve got pictures of destructing and constructing.

Ever since we moved into our house we’ve thought that the deck was wrong.

We have this big huge yard and have […]