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We’re watching the NASCAR race on tv last night and a Viagra commercial comes on. My 4-year-old Nicholas declares, “This is my favorite commercial!”

I’m still laughing, 24 hours later.

One of the many uses of Duck Tape

Hair bows!

Garden updates

I'm kicking myself for not trimming these earlier. They're now starting to cover our living room windows a little bit and I'm afraid if I trim them now I'll hurt them. I'll have to remember to do it in the fall (or winter)

My peonies are getting close to blooming! I can't wait […]

Our butterfly garden

The butterfly garden is nearly complete and I’m so excited about it!!!

So… right now in the garden we’ve got English Asters, black eyed susans (one of the stakes – they haven’t come up yet), orange butterfly plant (not up yet, the other stake), prairie mallow, bee balm, catmint, and licorice mint in the ground […]

Our violinist

For Megan’s birthday she was given the family violin and lessons from Adam’s parents. She was so so so excited and has now taken two lessons. She can already play a scale and is working on spelling lessons now (spelling words with the notes she’s learned – such a clever way for her to learn!) […]