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Birthday celebration!

When given this list of things, what would YOU choose?

Go for a walk feed the ducks Eat outside Read a book Take pictures go to the park rescue frozen toys blow bubbles sidewalk chalk make a book Play a game Go bowling I am a Palentologist (that’s who I am, that’s who I am, […]


“Once I had a bagel that didn’t have any hole in it! That time I got a WHOLE bagel!”


I never considered that we should feel cheated when we have a hole in our bagel or donut, etc. What about you?

Picture with a Grizzly Bear? Sure!

So this past weekend we went to an outdoor show in Cedar Falls. In addition to drooling over campers that cost about the same as our house, we let the kids pose for a picture with a 7 week old Grizzly Bear. Megan was super excited and Nick didn’t even want to be in the […]

Making progress

It’s very slow going, but we’re making progress with the new house. Boxes are all unpacked (except for the basement, but that doesn’t count) and furniture is being moved around less often, which must mean that it’s finding the right spot. Next up are pictures (we have a ton!) and window treatments for a few […]