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Busy life…

In the past week we have sold our house, purchased a new one and totaled a truck. Busy week!

And now it’s time to start packing because we only have a month!

Crystal update

We’re supposed to be done with our crystals today but Megan’s having so much fun with them that I don’t want to finish! That being said, I’m very eager to see how they turned out!


Here’s what we’ve got so far.

We did lose one… Megan went in to check on them last […]

Allison’s Bed

Megan’s new American Girl Doll Allison has been raking in the clothes and she now has a bed too! Gone are the days of sleeping on Megan’s felt board with a doll-sized bean bag as a pillow. She’s now got a mattress and two pillows!

I had decided that Allison needed a new place […]

Megan grows some crystals

For Christmas Megan got a crystal growing kit from her aunt and uncle. She was SO excited but we’ve been too busy to grow the crystals. Today while Adam was helping Nick make his tow truck bird feeder, Megan and I made crystals.

After mixing everything up, we set the crystals in Megan’s […]

Nickism — (s)mashed potatoes

For years and years Nick has had a fascination with mashed potatoes and throwing them at the wall. He talks about it weekly. Today he finally acted on his urges. Halfway through our lunch, Adam and I both saw some potatoes on the wall. Once we contained our laughter I asked Nick if it was […]