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Need your opinion

Here's the living room/dining room in question

Which picture over the piano? Wide?

Or tall?

Which combination in the dining area?









Nick’s been full of funny lately…


“When I was a dad, I poured orange juice on my cereal. It was bleeeeah”

“I like the song Aleez Mommydod because it has Mommy in it.” Nick, age 4

Megan’s been talking about what she might name her American Girl doll that she’s getting for Christmas. She […]

American Girl sewing

When we were out in NJ for Thanksgiving, Adam’s parents said they’d like to get Megan an American Girl doll for Christmas. Megan’s beyond thrilled and the wheels in my head started turning, imagining all the things I could sew and knit for her. It’s been a busy two weeks and I’ve had a blast. […]


We went to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. It’s something we’ve talked about for years and we were finally able to make it happen this year. What a blast we had! We drove all the way there (15.5 hours – the kids did great!) on Monday and came home again on Friday (14.5 hours […]

Dear Santa…

Picture. Santa's in red, Nick's in purple. He thought Santa would like the red and black in the corners of his paper. I'm sure he's right.