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It’s time!!!

Christmas is coming and that means lots of things, but one of them is that we get to start reading Christmas books again! For the past several (4, maybe?) years, I’ve taken 25 Christmas books, wrapped them up, and let the kids unwrap one a night until the 24th where they read The Night Before […]

Busy busy busy!

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. I miss it and yet it still won’t be happening for a while yet. What have I been doing? Well…

Knitting a hat

Knitting a scarf

Knitting a baby sweater

Cleaning madly to prepare for realtors to come this week

Driving 1,000 miles, twice

Spending wonderful time with […]

Is it Christmas yet?

Because we are going to have so much fun playing with these!

Don’t know what they are? Learn – it’s fun!

Nick’s morning

Nick: Mommy, did you know that if you can’t bake and don’t know any recipes then you have to marry someone that can. That’s why you married Daddy!


Nick: Mommy, do you what s-a-t spells? Sat!

Nick in his 3 year old preschool class is already learning Jolly Phonics. I couldn’t be happier!

Birthday Party

As I joked with Megan this morning, Cupcake must be about 72 years old now because she has so many birthdays, but today must have been a biggie because the party was much larger than our usually parties!

Megan, Nick and I dressed up in our best jammies (or at least the ones that were […]