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Happy Halloween!

I had to share my adorable Cinderella and Fire Fighter…

As well as the pumpkins and jars that we got carried away making in the past couple weeks.

Thanks to Pinterest for the ideas on the jars!


Nick’s sweater is done!

It took about 6 weeks and countless hours, but just as the weather is deciding to stay cold, Nick has a wonderful new sweater to wear! It’s the same pattern as my last sweater I knit him but I used much better yarn this time and I think it will hold up a ton better.


Conversation with Nick

Nick: Mom, when we go tonight Megan gets to meet my teachers and see my classroom. And we get to vote too.

Mom: Oh? What are you voting on?

Nick: To name our fish. We count the tally marks and whoever gets the most tally marks that will be the name of our fish

Mom: […]

Nick’s birthday day

Nick’s birthday day was a great day. Since we had family up in Decorah for Homecoming, we went up there to celebrate. We left at 7 in the morning and got up there in time to watch the Homecoming parade. Both kids got lots of candy – which is easy when it’s your great grandparents […]

Happy Birthday Nick!!

What a year it’s been! Since he turned 3 Nick has…

…gone bowling tons of times

…traveled to 10 states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin)

…Learned to ride a two wheeler

…Had a run-in with Santa (I *still* have this picture hanging up on our wall because […]