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Lactose Free Pumpkin Pie

This pie… this wonderful pie… You’d never know it didn’t have milk or cream in it. Even if Nick and Adam woke up one day and were able to drink milk, I’d still make this. It’s amazing! If you ever want to make a pumpkin pie – lactose intolerant or not, MAKE THIS!

Lactose Free […]

Knitting, knitting

I made Nick a Wallaby last year and loved the pattern, loved knitting it, and loved the way it looked on him when I tried it on. Sadly, I used yarn that I thought was good but really sucked. I don’t recommend it. After wearing the sweater a couple times, it had almost doubled in […]


Weekends are for adventures. At least at our house they are!

This past Sunday after picking Megan up from her first ever sleepover we headed to the apple orchard — a first for our kids!

Nick, Shelley & Megan

We picked apples,

Megan picks an apple

We ate apples

Nick picks an […]

Megan and her daddy

I love this. It does such a great job of showing Megan and Adam’s relationship in one picture. Megan loves to learn from her daddy and Adam is so so so patient in explaining the inner workings of anything. Very cute.


Adam and the kids made a rocket earlier this summer (after our other rocket got stuck in a tree)…

…and then we got too busy and never launched it. We finally found a calm day where we had nothing going on for a while and took it out for its first three flights.