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More biking video

Because I’m still beaming with pride…


Can your 3 year old do this???

Nickism… on soap

Nick in the bathtub (age 3): Mom, I love our new soap. It smells greater than a duck.

All mixed up…

Megan… She’s the first born, the people pleaser, the rule follower. So what happens when you buy her a package of socks that look something like this?

She absolutely loves it! She’s just tickled by the fact that she doesn’t match. Ever.

And life gets even more exciting when you put these over her […]

Backyard playing

The kids have had so much fun in the back yard this summer! Both are working up the guts to try the monkey bars, Megan swings for hours upon hours, and Nick is finally starting to understand what pumping is all about (although he doesn’t quite have it yet). Even the slide has turned into […]