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While on vacation we stopped at my sister’s house for a couple days. Her daughter (a year older than Megan) has bunk beds in her room and has a hanging book rack by each bed. Megan and I both loved the idea and so as soon as we had a free day, I had to […]

Our big vacation

In the middle of June we took the plunge and decided to haul our camper across the country. We weren’t sure how either the trailer or the tow vehicle would do but it would be an adventure! The first night we made it nearly to the Pennsylvania border. The kids were troopers and we made […]


Iowa to Illinois to Indiana to Ohio. Sleep. Awake. Ohio to Pennsylvania to New Jersey. Dinners, party, graduation, Statue of Liberty, carnival. Sleep. Awake. New Jersey to Pennsylvania to rest area to hot wire a/c so it works. Ohio to West Virginia to Ohio to truck stop to get dinner. Back in truck. Thump thump. […]

Why wouldn’t you like camping…

…if you could be greeted by this in the sink in the bathroom first thing in the morning?

Things I have learned about camping for a week

Raccoons prefer KOA campgrounds.

Strawberry pies are messy. Stick to apple or peach.

Lightning bugs can keep kids entertained for a long time.

It rains. A lot.

A furnace isn’t a ridiculous thing to have in a camper.

There is nothing better than falling asleep to the smell of campfires.

Having […]