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Megan’s broken arm story

I will post my camping blog post soon but first had to get down the details of my last post.

So the weather was really awful on Sunday. We woke up, started breakfast, and it was sprinkling. Shortly after we put the bikes on the truck, in hopes that we’d drive out of it. No […]

Welcome summer

Officer Nick

Nick just wrote me up a ticket for making too much noise while mowing the front lawn. I got a 21 cent fine. Now I’m afraid to mow the back. It’s longer, I’m cutting into lunchtime, and he now knows I pay my fines promptly. It could get ugly.

Optimistists’ Musical Chairs

We bought new chairs for our patio last week (one each of yellow, green, blue & red) to replace our falling apart chairs that used to be dark green and white and while we’re waiting to have enough room in the trash to leave the old ones out for the garbage men, the kids are […]

Camping book, revisited

Here’s what we’ve got so far… I’ve linked the things we have pictures for with the actual picture. If you have any suggestions/input/ideas, please let me know.

A – Astronomy (Meg got a telescope for her b-day), Awning

B – beach, bicycle 1, bicycle 2, bicycle 3, bicycle 4, bocce ball

C – […]