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Another sewing project

I’m always looking for ways to better organize all the stuff in our house. One of the ideas I found online was to make fabric buckets to keep things in. I loved the idea and had to try it out. The first attempt was a flop (literally!) and the second one was a tiny bit […]

Bedroom… a work in progress

Our bedroom was the first room in our house that I did anything with when we moved here 8 years ago and it’s really beginning to show its age. Several weeks (months? I don’t remember) ago we bought a comforter online because it was a great deal and I was going to make a comforter […]


Since we purged last week and sent the dresses that were getting small on Megan to my goddaughter, I decided to restock and make her a couple new ones. It took pretty much all day but they look great and I can’t wait to show them to her!

Pics with her in them will […]

Need some creative minds!

OK so I did one of these ABC books before with Megan and since I have a free photo book coming to me anyway, I wanted to make one for Nick – this one with a camping/summertime theme. Can you help me out with ideas for the letters??? Here’s what I’ve got so far…



Sewing is finished!

I had another great sewing couple of days. In addition to the jammies that I made for the kids on Thursday, I made a couple skirts for Meg on Friday. I was super excited for her to get home from school so that I could try them on her. They turned out great!