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The past few hours

The past few hours have been filled with fun.

Cake admiring

Barbie cake

Cake posing

Megan and her cake

Party Rooms

Party Table


Nick playing in the ball pit

Getting stuck during playtime

Adam coming out of the ball pit

Posing for pictures with party tiaras


Reading corner

Ever since our kids were little, I’ve said they needed to have a place in their room where they could sit and read. Megan’s never really been interested in it. Nick either… until just recently.

Now every day during at least part of his quiet time, I can find him sitting on his beanbag […]

Rock Show

We went back to the rock show agan this year since the kids enjoyed it so much last year. This time around we let the kids each pick out something to buy. Megan picked out an Amethyst necklace that is absolutely perfect for her…

…and Nick decided he wanted to crack open a geode.



I’m preparing to make another cake creation.

2.5 L glass bowl, cake rounds (3), cupcakes, Barbie

With these supplies, I need to make something amazing.

I hope it works!

Melt my heart…

I love it when my kids love each other.

It absolutely melts my heart.