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Megan’s purse

I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of Megan posts in the coming days as she’s had some big excitement lately.

Today I want to show off my sewing project that I came up with with a good friend’s help (thanks Lorie!).

Here it is, a beuatiful purse. Fabric was picked […]


Megan, our Megan who couldn’t identify numbers past 10 a couple months ago, is now reading numbers with three digits.

We always thought that since Megan was such a talker that Nick would be quieter. Nope. Megan has learned to enjoy silence every so often, but Nick is constantly talking a mile a minute.

and […]

Train play

Now that Nick’s wood trains (or board trains, if you ask him) are upstairs, he’s playing with them SO often. Whenever the house gets silent, I know I can find him in there. He’s so intent and loves it so much.

Meet Frosty

We finally had a good weather snow day so on Sunday afternoon, we made Frosty.

He was a little boring, so he put on a hat and a vest.

Snowmen are funny. It got really cold here yesterday (-10 in the morning) and the snowman must have gotten cold because his red vest and […]

Letter confusion

I’m in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee and Megan’s at the computer typing…

Megan: Mom, where’s the P on the keyboard? Mom: P like in Prince? Megan: NO!!! Like in bumPus!