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Snug as a bug in a…

needle organizer? I think so!

Don’t my knitting needles look fantastic in their new homes? I got a double pointed needle organizer from my SIL and BIL Shannon & Ryan… …and an interchangeable needle holder from my Megan. I love them both!


Church Christmas Program

Here’s the videos from the kids singing at church last Sunday. They sang at both services, so it’s the same songs at different times. 🙂 Enjoy!

Too busy living…

…to do any writing these days.

Life around Christmas is way too busy! There’s Christmas programs, parties, wrapping, buying, and packing leaving no time for allowing my fingers to do the recording of all that is going on. I’ve failed to mention that Megan now has FOUR loose teeth. 3 aren’t really very loose at […]

It’s times like these…

…that I never want to forget. I love my kids and their unique personalities!


“Megan, do you want to hear me count… to one? Oh I forgot how.”


“Don’t eat the yellow snowflakes ’cause somebody peed on ’em!”

He’s such a charming boy.