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Show Time

Show time around our house is typically the 45 minutes before bedtime each night (half hour show, 15 mn of book reading before bed). Lately it’s been a Christmas show and tonight it was Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This is the time for the kids to wind down, slow down their minds, and get ready […]

Megan eating soup…

Seems like a strange thing to take a picture of. Even stranger thing to blog about. Not if you know Megan, though. Megan HATES soup. Despises it. However, one day we were eating out and out of the blue, she said to Adam, “Daddy, take a picture of me! I’m pretending that I like soup […]

Megan’s Letter to Santa

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Nick’s Letter to Santa

Megan’s other milestone this month

I forgot to mention earlier this week that not only does Megan have a loose tooth, but the girl can whistle now too! I love it! It was incessant the first couple days but it’s gone to only most of the time which is better. 🙂