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guess what i’m doing today?

Go Hawks!

What I’ve been working on

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been stuck to my knitting needles. What have I been knitting? A sweater for Nick, of course!

I used the Wonderful Wallaby pattern and am thus far pleased by the results.

I was anxious for Nick to wake up this morning so I could see […]

Nickism – trick or treating

So I’m at work this morning and I pass by Nick’s class coming in from recess. One of his teachers, Ms. J, looks up at me and smiles and says, “So I’m outside playing trick or treat with the kids at the playhouse. I knock on the door and one of them answers and they […]

Meganism – the definition of “fancy”

Last night Adam and I went out on a date. This is a huge deal – it’s the first time we’ve had a non-family member watch the kids so that we could go out and have some adult time. Crazy! We went with another couple and they were the ones who hooked up the baby […]


It seems like I’m posting All Nick, All the Time these days, but it’s not stopping me from posting about him again.

1: Megan’s learning her phone number at school. Since she’s learning it we’re talking lots about it.

Megan: Nick, do you know your phone number?

Nick: Yup. It’s 417Cereal.

The last digit of […]