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Megan’s learning

Not only is Megan learning to hula hoop in Kindergarten, she’s learning to read too! In her school, they’re using Jolly Phonics to learn to read and it’s going very well for Megan. How could it not??? She’s learning that involves movement is always right up her alley!

Last week when […]


After the crazy, run around, wild day that I’ve had today, I needed something calm and serene to end the day with. Join me in looking at the beauty that is a sunset over the Iowa River.

Goodnight. Here’s to a calmer day tomorrow.


Megan’s sweater and accessories

I finished Megan’s sweater last week… and since I still had some yarn left over, I decided to make her some accessories to go with it. I’m thrilled with the way it all turned out and she couldn’t be happier either. The only one the least bit unhappy with it all is Nick – he […]

Nick’s art masterpiece

I’ve been sitting on this one for quite some time now.

On Nick’s 2nd day of school, his teacher gave me a piece of paper that he colored at school. I’ve been so tickled by it that I grin every time I see it. Nick and Megan have a lot of similarities, […]

Fall craft project #1

I love this time of year. It smells good, the temperatures are a relief after a long hot summer, and the leaves are gorgeous! While walking home from school on Friday, both kids showed an interest in collecting leaves. I mentioned to Adam on Saturday that we should go on a nature hike to collect […]