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OK so Megan has gotten way into music lately. A couple weeks ago I showed her how to use her cd player and we pulled out a bunch of our kids cds and Megan’s been loving every second since then. One of her favorite cds is the Barenaked Ladies children’s cd called Snacktime. It’s a […]


2 1/2 years old

35 lbs

3 feet, 4 1/2 inches

Favorite number is 3. (I three, I go 3 potties, I see three busses, etc. etc.)

Loves riding his kick bike

Loves playing in the pool

Will bowl for hours on end… with anything! cups, toilet paper rolls, 2 liter bottles, blocks, little […]

We’re on our way!

Even though change isn’t what I wanted, change is what we got and it’s been good. While I haven’t gotten used to Megan going to school every. single. day yet, I love seeing her eyes brighten as she talks about school and watching her go into her school and into her classroom without a second […]


I’ve never done well with change. I usually like things the way they’ve always been. Sometimes, though, change is forced upon a person and there’s no choice in how things happen and you have to roll with the punches. I’m experienced with that. I’ve done it a lot this summer. I can handle a little […]

Nickism – manners

We’re walking through the grocery store and Nick’s Croc falls off…

Nick: Momma, I need my shoe. Momma: I don’t think so! Nick: Why not? Momma: Because that’s not a nice way to ask for something. What are you missing? Nick: I missing my shoe!

so much for manners…