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More Girl Scout crafts!

The summer Girl Scout program that we signed Megan up for has been absolutely perfect for her! The girl likes nothing more than sitting down for hours at a time to do crafts. It’s been so so great!

This past week we finished up the camping mailing. We had made our marshmallow on a stick […]

Birthday party

While Adam’s grandma turned 90 earlier in June, we had a birthday party for her this past weekend. Tons of Adam’s family came out to celebrate with her and we had a great time!

The weekend started with a party on campus put on by the four kids. There was a ton of family but […]

Camping, part 2

So while I was excited about camping, there were some reservations… It was hot. Really really really really hot. It was also wet. Really really really really wet. The Decorah campground was right on the river which was already quite full, there was a flash flood watch, and rain was forecast for the evening that […]

Camping, part 1

Despite my complaining, I really was excited that we had finally purchased a tent and was excited to take the kids on their first camping adventure. So excited that I thought Megan’s dolls should have sleeping bags to join us.

Megan's Groovy Girls ready for a campout

Little did I know that sleeping bags […]


This past weekend Megan, Nick and I took a bit of a vacation. We headed up to my mom’s cabin in Walker, Minnesota which is on beautiful Leech Lake.

See the lake through the trees? That's the view from Mom's cabin porch. Beautiful! You can hear the loons singing while relaxing. So cool!

While […]