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Nick – fussing

Nick was playing with a ball and I noticed a distinct scent about him as I walked by so I put down my laundry baskets and picked him up in mid throw. The ball went one way and Nick came with me yelling, “My ball! My ball!”

Momma: Stop fussing. You can get your ball […]

Megan the soccer star

Megan was in ballet this winter. She was SO excited about it. She talked about it for weeks. Once it finally started, we were encouraged to not watch until the recital so we didn’t. When we got to the recital she danced around but not with the class. She talked, she played with her friend […]

Birds, revisited

Remember this?Well guess what??? On Monday morning while I was saying goodbye to Adam, I noticed birds at our suet feeder! On Monday afternoon I spent a good long time trying to take a picture of the birds.

This was the best I could get.But it’s exciting, isn’t it? Especially when I can sit and […]


Finally finally finally Megan has learned to bike with confidence. Mom and Dad are so proud!!


I was saying to Adam yesterday that I think our Crab Apple tree gets more beautiful every year and this year is no different. It’s bigger, thicker, and after being cooped up inside for a couple days because I was sick, so beautifully pink!