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Meganism – jokes

So Nick’s playing the computer the other day. He’s on the PBS website playing with Sid the Science Kid and they’re telling jokes… I was getting Megan’s breakfast ready and Megan was sitting at the table. We all hear the joke.

Why did the banana go to the doctor?Because it wasn’t peeling well.

Nick […]

weekend, long version

OK I recovered quite a while ago, but we’ve been so busy enjoying spring that the computer has not been a place I’ve frequented…

Megan’s birthday weekend was quiet the thing… It started on Thursday with our playgroup party at McDonald’s Playland…

Megan helps to decorate the cupcakes for our playgroup b-day party.Megan and her […]

our weekend, short version

Weekend is over. Yawns are constant, both from the kids & Mom and Dad.House is a mess.Garbages are full.Cake is (nearly) eaten.Fun has been had. Megan is 5.Megan is HAPPY.

Pictures will follow when we’ve all recovered.

Why is Megan so happy??

Well, to be honest, it’s mostly because her b-day is in 2 days but she’s also very happy because we made her cake today! Along with the princess theme, she had a castle cake pan…Which we dyed the batter forand made a rainbow cake out ofit cracked coming out of the pan in a few […]

Party preparations…

I’ve got a little girl who is turning 5 on Sunday. VERY soon. This is the first year that we’re having a party and inviting a couple friends from school over. We’re having a princess party – what fun! One of the games we’re going to play is pin the crown on the princess. I’d […]