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Diary of a Mischevous Boy

So I spent quite a while this afternoon playing with Legos with Megan. We had a TON of fun! Nick alternated between playing Legos with us and playing with other toys. At one point he asked for a drink. I told him I’d get him one in just a second and bad me forgot so […]

Southwest Chicken

This is a winner!!!

Southwest Chicken1 jar salsa2 lbs. chicken breasts1 can black beans1 can pinto beans1 taco packet1.5 cups frozen corn

Mix slasa and taco packet. Place other ingredients in slow cooker. Pour salsa mixture on top. Cook on high 4 hours or low 8 hours.After cooking, shred chicken and use as burrito […]

Crazy Nicholas

2 years ago this month we had a roly-poly little boy. Do you remember how huge he was? What a memorable boy Nick was. He had reflux but wasn’t being treated for it. He cried for hours every night. He spent most of is time in pain. Oh, but those grins and giggles made every […]

My beautiful Megan

Oh how she’s changed. This is Megan 2 years ago this month. She was gorgeous back then too but look at how much she’s grown! My toddler with curls all over her head is gone.In her place is this little girl with thick, beautiful straight hair, a fantastic sense of humor, a a (nearly) endless […]

Megan’s first book

I decided that with Megan’s great imagination and love for drawing that she should start her career as an author and illustrator. I explained to her the parts of a book, we talked about what her book would be about and I pushed for details but other than that, she did it all. (oh, I […]