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Another Megan quote

I love chicken! I like them as animals AND they’re good to eat!

A quote from Megan…

We’re driving home from school yesterday and Megan is telling me about one of the 80 art projects she had in her bag…

Megan: Mommy, I made a snowman and I made it with paper plates and glue and a crayon and a marker and it’s so beautiful your eyes are going to pop out […]

I won an auction on ebay…

…and it was the best win ever! We were highly successful!

Ever since we visited a friend’s house, we have been absolutely in love with GeoTrax. Nick’s obsession with trains and the Fisher Price name made it an obvious choice for us. I did an ebay search for auctions located close to home and found […]

Art with Megan

While talking to a friend, she sent me a link for these crayon hearts and I was intrigued! What a fun way to decorate the windows! I didn’t want to use just hearts because I like variety so we did lots of shapes!

The article recommended putting down craft paper on the ironing board before […]

Nick, defined