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too many projects, too little time…

I don’t like to have too many pots on the fire. I like closure, I like being at least somewhat organized, and none of that is happening for me this fall. I have so many projects that I would have liked to have finished already and some haven’t even been started yet! It’s one of those instances where I have too much to do and don’t know where to start. Well, I’m hoping by writing it all down that it will get done sooner… Is that possible? Probably not but it all does need doing and hopefully this will help…

Here’s what I’ve got to do…

  1. finish Megan’s scarf that I’m knitting (want to finish this before it snows the first time)
  2. knit scarf for Nick (will he even wear it? I hope so but I think it’s last on my priority list)
  3. make baby gift for J’s baby (I have 3 weeks)
  4. make big brother gifts for J’s other kids (again, only 3 weeks)
  5. finish Nick’s scrapbook (I’m two weeks behind on this!!!)

OK. If you see me on Facebook or instant messenger, tell me to get back to work!

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