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Things I’ve been meaning to write about

A little more than a week ago I was sitting at the hospital. Dad was telling C and I about this recumbent bike that he had purchased for Mom. Mom had gotten one at a garage sale this summer and was using it, but Dad (after doing research) learned that an upright exercise bike would […]

Meganism – gravity

I’m putting the shades up in Megan’s room this morning and as usual, one of them falls down. I’m rolling it back up again and the slat that’s in the pull part of the shade had slid half out. Megan’s watching all this as it happens…

Megan: Momma, why did that thing come out of […]

Party, my room, eight o’clock…

Nick vs. Megan

We have a very kind friend whose sons grew out of this buck and loaned it to us. Since it’s a new toy that makes sense, it’s been a huge hit the past 24 hours. This morning both kids were playing with it, taking turns who pushed whom around the house.

Megan: Nick, it’s […]

balloon confusion

For Nick’s birthday this year (2 weeks ago), we purchased four yellow and green helium balloons. One popped the second it came through the door and two quickly followed suit. #4 was quickly tied to his chair at the table in hopes that we could keep it ‘alive’ until after the party. Not only did […]