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Poor roses

OK so picture this… The kids are outside playing (well, Nick is playing, Megan is sulking because I told her she had to go out and get some fresh air) and I’m inside getting lunch ready – french toast.

I have the griddle warming, the egg mixture is mixed and the bread is ready. I […]

Put in my place…

Nick just came upstairs with Megan’s cash register and sat on the couch to play with it. I went over to help him and talk to him about it. He turned his body away from me (shielding me from the cash register) and pointed at my recliner and said “chair”. I guess he didn’t want […]

Our trip to the zoo

Adam took the beginning of the week off of work this week (well deserved – he’s been working so hard!) and we’ve been trying to do something fun every day. Yesterday didn’t quite pan out as we planned to go biking and it started raining, but we did enjoy spending time together. Today we decided […]

It’s dreary, cooler, and the rain finally came after 22 days…

…so what does a family do? Check back later for pictures and you’ll be able to see exactly what we do when we’ve got a free day like that.

Our day on the river

Yesterday was a fun day! We started out by going to church (for the first time in way too long – it was fun to be back!) and then hit several areas on the river for a very relaxing late morning/afternoon.

First we went to Palisades Kepler State Park. First thing we did when we […]