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Rainy Day Activities?

It’s wet, it’ dreary, the thunder is booming… what’s a mom to do with two stir crazy kids on a day like today?

So far we’ve done arts and crafts, watched Dora, Manny and are currently painting with watercolors. After I *finally* shower, we’re going to the library to get books and if the thunder […]


We’ve been making our own popsicles lately. They’re fantastic. I highly recommend making some yourself. 🙂

Scratch that!

Nick tonight…Two, fee, fie, seben, eight, nigh, ten, eleben

Our summer in review…

Nick talking tons and can do 2 or 3 word sentences now learned to run can count 2, 3, 5 loves to play in the pool, water table, and bathtub can drink from a cup can climb ladders up to the slide in the back yard rides on the “big kid” swing can be helpful […]


I planted pumpkins this year, a repeat from a couple years ago when I failed miserably. This year Megan really wanted to make pumpkin pie and so I thought that a good way to do that was by raising our own pumpkins. Little did I know what that would entail.

We planted tiny little seedlings, […]